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My JSS Prize to Florida Was More than Just a HOT Trip! Featured

This trip was a true opportunity and helped me see a vision for myself

Florida is beautiful and HOT!!! The Atlantic Ocean was fabulous and so WARM!!! A bit different from the snowy mountains of Montana and high dessert of Bend Oregon!

Meeting Jesse Briggs from Yellow Strawberry

I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse, Flo, and Denise Briggs of the Yellow Strawberry Salon! Jesse put me up in the famous Riverside Hotel right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

Jesse showed me the ropes and shared his knowledge and vast experiences with me! He shared stories of Paul Mitchell and Vidal Sassoon and Leland Hirsch, and we reminisced about the good ole days! Meeting Jesse was an invaluable opportunity and resource for my future in cosmetology! I walked away inspired and grateful for those brave and creative artist who have gone before me who helped lead the way.

Meeting Adam Shuman from Naked Hair Salon

Jesse then introduced me to Adam Shuman, creator of the inspiring Naked Hair Salon. Adam showed me around Del Ray Beach and introduced me to several local artists.

I watched Adam work his magic on his personal guests as well as several professional Models. I learned many fundamental cutting techniques as well as helpful styling tools that I have now added to my repertoire.

Adam introduced me to the gorgeous Designer Jewels of Roxy LuLu. She gave me a gorgeous swimsuit cover up from her Moroccan line as a gift! I was also presented and gifted with an original Debilzan cosmetic bag.

I was wined and dined and able to break bread with some of our industries finest hair artists! I learned how Adam got his start and created his empire! I learned that these artists were just like me, just people creating art and living life to the fullest.

This trip was a true opportunity and helped me see a vision for myself. I walked away from this experience with a full heart and a realistic hope for my own future! I will forever store this experience in my heart and use every nugget of information to create my own dream! Thank you Junior Style Stars for this experience of a life time! I am forever grateful for allowing these experiences to be a part of my journey!

To the future winners and contestants: Don't ever be afraid to dream, or try something new, or push yourself outside of your box! You never know what can happen! Opportunity awaits! Look what happened to me? A small town girl with a big dream! On the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM!

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