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Never Late to Follow Your Dreams


If  I’m going to tell my story I suppose I should start with where I grew up, my hometown (a rural area an hour away from being able to go to a movie or  Wal-Mart)  is a small mining town dubbed “The Armpit of America” by the New York Times. I graduated from this small town in 2000 and moved to Reno, NV. As long as I could remember I had a passion for hair….doing my doll’s hair as a child and friend’s hair as I got older. I moved to Reno after graduating high school and thought about going to cosmetology school but soon became pregnant with my first child and my priority was to be a mother.

I moved around a bit, life happened and I ended up meeting my husband and then having my 3 boys. We lived in rural areas of Northern Nevada for about 7 years before we decided to move our family near Reno Nevada. This was a big decision for us because it meant my husband who still worked at the mines would have to live with my parents while he worked and then come home on his days off which were every four to five days. We decided to go for it!!! I had been taking psychology classes online and was only about four 9 week courses away from an, Associates in the Art of Psychology, when I decided I needed something more.   

I contacted  Marinello a cosmetology school in Reno, asked questions and talked to my husband. Now, I can’t help but think that after the debt I accrued from online classes that (most men supporting a family of 6) would have said, are you crazy? But my husband told me that if this is what I felt I needed to do then he would support me 100% and to go for it! I did just that, I walked into that school head held high (although I felt incredibly old at 29 almost 30, in a room full of young girls) and signed up!!! The first step is always the hardest and I did it!! Or at least at that moment I felt like that was the big step, but I had no idea. Finding a babysitter for four kids, driving forty-five minutes to and from school 5 days a week, the cost of gas and daycare,   getting everyone organized everyday for the next thirteen months. Well you can say it was a chore at the least. What I can say though, is that I’m so glad that I had amazing instructors, an incredible support system, met some amazing people, made good friends, and that I did have to really push myself and truly desire the finish line. Without one of these factors I wouldn’t have made it. With the struggle came a realization that this is what I was meant to do and that this is what I was good at and truly enjoyed doing!! Making people their best self is fun and rewarding!!! Making a bride feel beautiful on her special day, giving a woman in need of change feeling frumpy a new look, it’s rewarding and it was like the best of both worlds for me. We all know your hairdresser is like friend, a psychologist, and beautifier all wrapped into one! I found my niche! If someone picks something up from my story I hope that its, It’s never too late to follow your dreams,  you’re never too old , if you really want something and you have the drive to make it happen nothing can stop you, and to surround yourself with people that want you to succeed, and the world is your oyster!!!!


In this niche I also found out that wedding updos are my niche inside of a niche for me. I was dubbed the updo queen by fellow classmates, which is how I ended up in this competition. We had a competition within the school that I won, so my school payed my entry fee. When it comes to updos, I love; classic, beautiful, clean and timeless. This is what I was going for when I started gathering ideas for the Style Stars competition. I wanted something that would stand out but wasn’t over the top and was realistic to your everyday bride. I feel like I accomplished this and can say that I am truly proud to be in the top 50!! I feel like it’s an accomplishment in itself whether I make it any further or not!! I also want to thank my school for having faith in my ability and for helping get here!!!


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