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RULES AND REGULATIONS - 2019 - Creative Hair Styling

Registration and Enrollment opens January 10, 2019 - Closes February 28, 2019


(a)  All contestants must be students on the day that their entry form is submitted. You may have already graduated at the time of your photo shoot.

(b)    All entry forms must be completed in full.Be careful to correctly list your school’s address, as this is where your competition mannequin will be sent. You are responsible for verifying if this is OK with your school.

(c)    Contestants may register online or by mail. Contestants will be notified upon receipt of registration form and payment.
(d)    Payment must be made in full at the time you register. This can be done online by credit card or in the mail by check, money order or with complete written credit card information enclosed.
(e)     Each competitor will receive a contestant number by mail to your school address. This number MUST appear in your photos of your competition mannequin.
(f)    Photography instructions and references will be available on our website and must be followed to be considered for the competition.
(g)    All competition mannequins will be shipped to your school address on or about March 18, 2019.  It is your responsibility to notify Junior Style Stars if your mannequin is not received by March 2, 2019.
(h)    Your competition number and mannequin will be shipped WITH your mannequin.  
(i)    Additional practice mannequins are optional and if ordered can be shipped to your address of choice.
(j)    A competitor can enter more than one mannequin but a separate entry form and payment must be made for each entry.
(k)    Copies or reproductions of our entry forms will be accepted.
(l)    Entry form information will be shared only with competition sponsors, professional manufacturers, distributors, media and others for use in promotional purposes.
(m)    There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason.
(n)    Prizes are not transferable.
(o)    Practice mannequins can be ordered prior to March 15, 2019.  You must be registered in the competition in order to purchase practice mannequins at the discount rate.



(a)  All entries will be judged on HAIRSTYLE ONLY.
(b)  Hair can be done up or left down.
(c)  Hair can be cut or left long.
(d)  No hair color allowed.
(e)  Hair pieces, extensions, etc. are not allowed.  No add ons or add ins of any kind  are allowed. Bobby Pins/Hair Pins are ok.
(f)  Ornaments and accessories (clips, earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc.) are not allowed.
(g)  Each mannequin will have an identification number. This number must be clearly seen in the entry photo.
(h)  Makeup , or changing the mannequins face in any way, is not allowed.
(i)   All styling must be performed by the competitor only!
All work done on the mannequin by the student must be done at the school in front of the instructor in charge. The mannequin is NOT allowed to leave the school until photography has been submitted to competition.
(j)    Any infractions of the rules stated here will result in point deduction or disqualification. The winner may be required to reproduce their mannequin in person for the judges.
(k)   Winners must certify that they completed all their work on their own and that no one else worked on their mannequin.
(l)    A “signature photo” as stated in the photography rules with mannequin held by instructor is required.

(m) Score sheets will not be available.
(n)  The judges’ decisions are final.
(o)  The top 10 finalists and GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced approximately the end of May 2019.
(p)  Mannequin MUST stay in tack until you are eliminated from all parts of the competition.  Mannequin will be viewed to verify all rules were followed BEFORE any prizes are awarded.


(a) Judges will only know competitors by their assigned numbers as seen on the mannequin in submitted photographs.
(b)    Each judge will randomly receive a selection of photographs. They will then each select the top 10 entries that they receive. These photos will then be resent randomly to the judging group until we have only the top 10 entries from the total entry pool.
(c)    The top 10 entries will be voted on by all of the judges and the winner will then be selected.
(d)    Judges will judge 50% on creativity and 50% on workmanship.
(e)   Creativity is defined as an original production and use of imagination in a creative work.  Workmanship is defined as the degree of skill displayed in the work.
(f)    Judges’ decisions are final.
(g)    Judges will remain anonymous until after the Grand Prize has been announced.


You will be responsible for photographing your own mannequin according to the following rules.  Any deviation from these rules will result in disqualification.
You will be required to submit 5 photos:  One front (with competition number showing), one back, one left side, one right side and Signature photo*.

Following Images are For Illustration ONLY - Your actual mannequin may look different


(a)    Set your finished mannequin on counter or tabletop with solid white or solid black table cloth.  Use the same color as back drop.  Only black or white backgrounds are acceptable.  Color choice should be based on your mannequins’ hair color.  Light hair, dark background; dark hair, light background.
(b)    Make sure you are in a well-lit area.  Normal light required.  No special lighting allowed.  You need enough light for your camera to auto-focus.  Camera flash should be ON.


(c)    All photos must be taken with an iPhone 6 or newer.  If you must borrow or use a friend’s phone, please do so.  ***By using only this photo source, it allows us to maintain the integrity of the competition and create similar photo submissions. However, if photography by iPhone series are absolutely not possible you must refer and follow our guide for other high-end smartphones – published as separate article.
(d)    All photos must be taken in sequence: (1)front, (2)right, (3)back, (4)left and (5)signature.  Mannequin may not be retouched or reshaped once the first photo is taken.
(e)    All mannequins must have their identification number visible in the photo.
(f)    No changes in Photoshop or any other photo editing program allowed.  No changing or enhancing of color or manipulation of the original image in any way.
(g)    Please reference photo samples on website and try to match them to your best ability.  Sending MORE or LESS than the required 5 photos will result in disqualification.

This is only an Illustration on iPhone4 - Your actual mannequin may look differentThis is only an Illustration on iPhone4 - Your actual mannequin may look different(h)   When positioning yourself in front of the mannequin, your camera should be between 18-24 inches from your mannequin.  Do not use zoom functionality – that will only reduce the quality of your image. Move forward or backward to position your mannequin.  Allow for some border on all sides to frame your mannequins hair.  If your mannequin has her hair down, you may use a tall mannequin stand and stand slightly further apart from the mannequin to allow all the hair to be seen.
(i)  Upload facility made available through login account. All competitors must create a new login account on our website using their competition number/contest ID as username. If you do not use your contest ID as username, your competition photos will be ignored by review team. Competitors are encouraged to open their account as soon as they received their competition number/Contest ID so they can get familiar with account interface.
(j)  Move the images to your desktop for proper inspection before uploading. If images are in landscape mode then you need to rotate them to portrait before uploading.
(k) All images must each be less than 2.5MB in size.
(l)  All images must be renamed with competitors contest id prior to upload as:

<contest id>< underscore><sequence number>.jpg 

For example: 12345_1.jpg, 12345_2.jpg, 12345_3.jpg, 12345_4.jpg and 12345_5.jpg

(m)  All photos must be submitted to our website No later than April 12, 2019, 11:59 pm PST.
After this date all photos submitted are final and no more replacement or changes are allowed.

*Signature shot

This shot is the final photo.  In this photo the mannequin must be a photo of your mannequin being held by your instructor.  By submitting this photo, you and your instructor are attesting to the fact that you, the student, were the only person to work on this mannequin prior to and during the competition.  It also affirms all work done on the mannequin was done at the school under the instructors’ supervision and all rules and regulations were followed.  This photo is for our record and will not be posted to our website or judged.

Junior Style Stars is NOT responsible for lost or damaged mannequins unless reported by March 27, 2019.
Once submitted for judging, all work becomes the exclusive property of Junior Style Stars and all
competitors give up any rights to the competition photos and/or anything else that may concern the
aforementioned competition.
All relevant taxes and fees are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
Enrollment, competition, judging and announcement dates are subject to change.
Prizes may be substituted for other prizes with equal or greater value.
Contestants are advised to visit our website often for any date changes or
sponsor additions.

Junior style stars Inc, is not in affiliation and has not been sponsored by Apple Inc.  iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc.






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