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Pavros's Journal - Winner of Junior Style Stars 2010/2011

Trermafuse North Carolina Trip

I love North Carolina and when I met Van Stamey and his lovely wife and partner Toni Rae I was reminded of true southern hospitality and charm was. Not only did I get to experience this amazing trip but what was an even more special I got to meet and share this with my Alumni winners Angie (2010) and Lindsay(2009). Here we are at the Lovely home of The Stameys on the lake.

Trermafuse North Carolina Trip

After we enjoyed appetizers we headed to the most amazing Italian restaurant I have ever been to in my life . Who would have thought Kannapolis had the best little Italian Carussos !

Trermafuse North Carolina Trip - Day 2

Here we are day 2 at the famous Maurices after a delitious lunch w pulled pork sandwhiched hush puppies and fried pickles yum!

Fereinheight 450 system for hair smoothening

We then headed to the Thermafuse headquarters in Kannapolis . The wherehouse was huge and it is so amazing to know that Thermafuse is 100% manufactured made and distributed in Kannapolis, North Carolina USA! Here are a few pics of Toni Rae demonstraighting the Fereinheight 450 system for hair smoothening . SPECTACULAR product check it out

Dinner at Big Daddys

For dinner that evening we went to Big Daddys . I tried oysters for the very first time I loved them who would have ever thought . We had amazing stimulating conversation and really enjoyed our final evening with Van and Toni Rae Stamey. Truly amazing hosts.

Dale Ernheart Museum

The day we left we actually had the chance to sight see a bit and we were so fortunate to have Jessica Baroni the Educator and platform artist for Thermafuse escourt us. Here we are at the Dale Ernheart Museum . This man was truly a beautiful person and humanitarian ,and a hell of a race car driver.

Dale Ernheart Museum

Here we are at his Statue in Kannapolis , I also saw my first praying mantis I know random but very cool !

The trip to North Carolina was full of many memories that I will cherish always great people and fun times . Thank you so much Van and Toni Rae and Jessica

My Puerto Rico Trip

This trip has been one of the most anticipated trips for me of all my prizes. I finally arrived in Puerto Rico and Jesse Briggs himself greeted me personally in Baggage claim with my $10,000 check Bienvenidos Puerto Rico!
After a lovely traditional dinner in Old San Juan we headed to the Villa Playa Lucia where I was staying in the enchanting town of Yabacoa. I was greeted by this lovely sign however misspelled my name but the thought went straight to my heart.
Check out the inside of my villa.
JFK lock of hair and Marilyn Monroe Lock of hair
The following evening I got to visit Villa Del Mar Jesse's villa on the beach. Check me out with his memorabilia. Me with JFK lock of hair and Marilyn Monroe Lock of hair, Picture with The Vidal Sassoon and The Paul Mitchell who happened to be Jesse's Best Friend and I learned of charming stories of humble beginnings of some of the biggest names in our Industry. Check me out with Elvis's Tooth Wow!!!
I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely woman by the name of Jamilah Eid who is the Main distributor from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here are some pictures of us along with Jesse Briggs and her Daughter Maha.
The night before the ribbon cutting ceremony I was fortunate to attend dinner with Mr. Jesse and Ms. Jamilah where I was asked by her to do her hair and makeup for the ceremony. Here are some pics of the ceremony with the first lady of Puerto Rico, Mr. Paniaqua Director of the San Juan Beauty Show.
The experience of being the guest of such a successful man was truly priceless. What I got to see firsthand with his dealings with Ms. Jamilah and Mr. Paniaqua the following year is going to be HUGE for the Caribbean Dream Brand and for San Juan Beauty Show. Here is a picture of me with Mr. Paniaqua and Jesse.
Ms Jamilah was so gracious to invite me to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to do makeup and hair workshop with the women there truly humbled. Here is a picture of her and I together.
I spent a lot of time with Jesse and his team at the show and had the chance to attend the Caribbean Dream Seminar and Main Stage presentation here are some pictures from that. Jesse Briggs and his partner John Perez.
I did get to walk around a bit and view some beautiful work by students at the show.
Here are some images from my view on the balcony from my Villa. This place is beautiful and the weather was great humid but great!
The day I left I had the chance to relax poolside of Jesse's and Flo's Villa, this view is spectacular . The following pictures are incredibly special as not just anyone gets this view behold Me with the Caribbean Dream Rock VIP STATUS!

Before I departed this paradise I got to have a lovely lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Here we are. The memories from this trip are forever in my mind and my heart . Jesse is so much like my own father and I took away with me so much more than a trip to paradise. The knowledge Jesse not only shared with me but demonstrated to me will not just benefit me now but for the rest of my career and life.

Thank you so much to Jesse and Caribbean Dream! I only hope that next year the winner will be able to have more fun because one thing is for sure this particular prize is by far one of the biggest!

Fantastic Time in Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

The opening session was overwhelming and incredibly humbling when i was introduced, I recieved a standing ovation from 750 educators at the convention. I am so proud that my instructor Jilla Asadi and Department head for my cosmetology Helen LeDonne were both here with me in this moment.

Vivianne Macinder and Her Presentation

The absolute hylight of this trip was when i was completely blindsided by the spectacular talent and wit of miss Vivianne Macinder and her presentation on hairstyling and staying ahead of the creative curve. I was really fortunate to get to meet her after her presentation and show her my work . The absolute most humbling moment was when she told me "Wow this is very VERY good you really know how to sculpt the hair " I DIED OMG!

Sassoon Academy Presentation

I was able to attend a fantastic workshop with Sassoon Academy presentation by Stephan Moody the cuts blew my mind !

Amazing Educators and Business Owners

Gino Stampora

Patti Black

When I was walking through the duration of the convention I was accosted by many amazing educators and business owners just wanting to let me know how proud and impressed they were with my work on "Ingrid" My lovely bride.

Premier Orlando Show

When I got to Orlando I was really stoked to be able to experience such a HUGE show and I am not kidding it was B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

Premier Orlando Show - The Doves

Before I got introduced on main stage I had the pleasure of getting to meet the The Doves and so excited to find they are in my neck of the woods!

Paul Mitchell - Meeting Robert & Stephanie

I also got to Meet Robert Cromeans Global Artistic Director and Stephanie Kocienski artistic Director with Color for Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell Tour

Sunday evening I was fortunate to get to experience the Paul Mitchell Tour AMAZING !!!!!! Takashi rocks my world !

Meeting Martin Parsons

Monday I got to meet the one and only Martin Parsons LEGENDARY!!!.

Derik J. & Pavy

I had to say "Hey Hey " to Derik J Judge from Hair Battle spectacular and Kim Zolciak's Hair Stylist