Donn Matlack

Donn’s salon enthusiasm took hold in 1973 first as an assistant, then hairdresser and eventually Artistic Director of the famed and prestigious Paul Barry & Friends salon in Orange, California. For many years recognized as one of our industries most respected humorist, and Inspirational Speakers for both Redken 5th Avenue and the MATRIX divisions of L’Oreal USA. During Donn’s career he earned the status of “Professional Speaker” from The National Speakers Association who’s ranks include, Gold Metal Winning Olympic Athletes, World Series and Super Bowl Champions, Noted Hollywood Personalities, and Nationally Recognized Political Figures. “My simple philosophy of assisting others has remained in full bloom to this day. I continue to enjoy, ‘helping people do less of what lessens themselves, and demonstrating how anyone can achieve better results from the same amount of effort.’ This behavior of encouraging others remains the most rewarding and worthwhile expression of my personal and professional life's work.”

Donn retired at the age of fifty, from the Professional Salon Industry and now lives in The Sequoia National Forest with his three dogs, Coco, and the Two Jakes celebrating his passion for still photography and the outdoors amidst the backdrop of The Sierra Nevada Mountains and the ever present allure of the western wilderness;

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