Yanni Daskalakis

Yanni is a haircutting and highlighting expert and an award-winning master educator of "The Method" and the original "Condensed Cutting" technique.

Yanni is well recognized in the industry, both nationally and internationally, and has shared his accumulated knowledge being a mentor to many for the past 40 years.

Yanni is a dedicated independent Stylist and Motivator and a great asset to the beauty industry. His charisma and engaging personality adds a dash of flavor to his approach.

Yanni is looking forward to bringing his 40 years of experience and knowledge to you.

Design: Yanni's approach is structured, simple, and natural. It allows the client the ability to work with their hair at any stage of their growth. Yanni takes into consideration the client's facial features, head shape, hair growth pattern, etc.

Philosophy: "The haircut and style must work for you and not you for it." "I love what I do and do what I love."

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