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Angelica's Journal - Winner of Junior Style Stars 2009/2010

Jesse and Angie

I was honored by working with "The king" Jesse Briggs. His work ethics are exceptional. Clients are his priority. I learned "tricks of the trade" from him. Since I arrived to Ft. Lauderdale I was treated like royalty! Icon Jesse Briggs himself gave me a warm welcome at the airport.

I got to stay on the third floor! The mansion is incredible!

At the John Lennon room in the Mansion. Super happy to be surrounded by so much art! Can you believe this? All work of art are originals!

This was too much for me! As a Marilyn Monroe admirer, I was blown away with this lock of hair owned by Jesse Briggs. And to top it all off, he also has a lock of hair from JFK!

After all the love, royal treatment, and pampering...It was time to work! Here with Flo Briggs.

Working on a model for Caribbean Dream Relaxer. Having fun, working, and learning the "tricks of the trade" from the best!

The results are awesome! As I said: Trained by the best: Hair Icon Jesse Briggs!!!

We Have a Winner - By TradeTechCollege

Premier Orlando Show

Premier Orlando Show. Main Stage Presentation. I was more excited than nervous. So many celebrities around me....It was an awesome experience!

Robert Passage & Angie

Great Legacy Pivot Point's Robert Passage. Got to spend time with him after the student competitions were over with.

Premier Orlando Show Opening

Opening show with "a kick".

Patrick Bradley and Me

P Element's creator Patrick Bradley and me.

Tabatha & Angie

Tabatha Coffey's line to take pictures was infinite. But Junior Style Stars made their way to the front of the line!!!! Yay!

Group Photo

From left to right: Timothy Martin, Robert Passage, Angie Gomez, Global Artist and Trainer: Candi Ekstrom, and CCA's Chairman: Robert Plato. Right after the Student Bridal Mannequin Competition.

Chris Baran & Angie

Angie and Redken's Education Artistic Director: Chris Baran.

David Stanko & Angie

Angie and Redken's Colorist and Educator: David Stanko.

Group Photo

From left to right: Timothy Martin, Robert Plato, Angie Gomez, and Award Winning Artistic Artisans: Gilbert Doeve.

Angie and Nick Arrojo

Angie and Celebrity Hairstylist: Nick Arrojo. This was backstage at the Premier Orlando Show.

Angelica Gomez 2010 National Styles Winner

Angie and Paul Barry

Angie and Paul Barry. We had an awesome time. I am so proud to represent Junior Style Stars this year!

Group Photo

From left to right: Angie Gomez, Colorist and Educator: Roy Peters, and Stylist: Kit Fields.

Angie and NAHA Editorial Stylist of the Year

Angie and NAHA Editorial Stylist of the Year: Sam Brocato.

Group Photo

From left to right: Kit Fields, Paul Barry, Angie Gomez, Sam Brocato, and International Academy of Hair Design's owner: Mez Varol.

Timothy Martin and Angie

Award winning hairstylist: Timothy Martin and Angie.